Clara Chuiton

Literary associate

I am a literary associate with Olswanger Literary and represent adult fiction.

I am currently closed to queries.

Manuscript Wishlist:

I represent exclusively adult fiction, with a special focus on romance.

I love all categories of adult romance, with an emphasis on rom-coms and contemporary. I especially love storylines that focus on identity and non-traditional careers, and I am always looking for fresh twists on well-loved tropes (enemies-to-lovers, unlikable heroines, road trip novels...). I also love historical romances that take place in unusual settings and in rarely-written-about time periods.

I'm also looking for science-fiction and horror novels, and manuscripts that blend the two genres. Stories set in space, stories that pose ethical dilemmas, and stories with strong intersectional feminist themes are very likely to interest me.

Essentially, unusual settings, a high concept, and a strong, unique voice will pull me in..

Literary associate with Olswanger Literary


If you think we might be a good fit, please submit a query letter and the first chapter of your manuscript here once I reopen to queries. Please check my twitter page for updates.

I try to answer all queries in under two weeks, so feel free to send a polite nudge if yours has gone three weeks without an answer.

For the latest updates, follow me onTWITTER 

About me

I majored in English from the University of Poitiers, France, and have since completed multiple internships at literary scouting and literary agencies, before becoming a literary associate with Olswanger Literary.

Books have always been the great love of my life, and there is nothing I enjoy more than to sit by the window with a new story in my hands to dive into. So if you think I would be interested in representing your manuscript, don’t hesitate to reach out when I reopen to queries in July !

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